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dame fortune tosses the dice in the hip, art deco lobby of the fabulous "new york new york" hotel located on the las vegas strip. this has got to be one of the busiest casinos in all of sin city.

my favorite frank sinatra song is still "my kind of town." i ended up playing these coin hungry slots just to be close to the ghost of "old blue eyes." the machines crank out jukebox versions of his classic songs--but i still lost my money here.

the gold lion at the mgm. the roar of old hollywood.

a view from the bridge that connects the faeryland castle of the "excalibur" hotel with the representational world of modern manhattan.

majestic lady liberty. sure it's a facsimile, but it can still inspire.

i'm still led by the neon when it's night time in vegas.

the blue paris balloon.

the "flamingo" hotel is the first vegas hotel i ever stayed in. a timeless classic.

i ended up winning at the monopoly slots here. another vintage vegas landmark.

william b's steakhouse has a pretty phenemenol "steak diane." the restaurant is fifties cool and it feels like sammy davis jr. could walk through the door any minute.

painted on the ceiling of the venetian hotel i found my patron saint! my silvery luminous guide, god of travelers: mercury!

the paris icon.

for a moment, i'm back in the luxembourg gardens in the real paris.

an exquisite crystal dome between the paris hotel and bally's casino.

my winged mercury again, in the paris hotel casino.

a dragonfly detail from the mosaic flooring of the bellagio hotel.

and a little butterfly captured in the tile flooring there as well.

chihuly's exquisite autumn leaves fashioned from glass suspended in the bellagio garden.

my favorite hotel lobby in the entire world is the bellagio. the entire ceiling is covered with these magnficent chihuly sculptures. the colors are ravishing.

vegas legends forever: siegfried and roy! this memorial stands directly outside the mirage hotel on the strip.

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