Reunion and other Spoken Word Poems (Pulpbits, 2004) by Gerard Wozek is a downloadable collection of poetry, with many selections that have been featured in Wozek’s collaborative poetry video work created with Chicago visual artist Mary Russell from 1996-2005. The offering also features verse from developing poetry videos and spoken word recording projects. You can download the e-book online now right here.

This new compilation includes prose poems, haikus, narratives, fragments from postcards, and whispered invocations; all seeded from the desire to merge vision with the written and spoken word. Featuring soundtrack text from the award-winning films, “A Bird in Hand: Thirteen Postcards from Paris” and “Elemental Reels.”



Heather Haley - author of "Sideways" 
"Gerard Wozek’s haunting, evocative, and resonant verse meets the most strident criteria. With true literary merit, it reads as well as it screens. His poems explore the sensual with relentless tenderness and conjure up powerful imagery, regardless of the medium.


Kurt Heintz- Director of Chicago's Guild Complex Poetry Film festival and founder of
"Poet Gerard Wozek and video artist/director Mary Russell create poetry videos that are not only rare for their fullness of visualization, but exceptional for their critical vision. As a creator and critic in the genre, I crave their kind of video for my own viewing. In their works, language regards image as image regards language, and both elements navigate through their works in such a way that the viewer feels respected. While looking at a video such as "Bird in Hand," one has to remember that nothing is incidental, as naturally as it may be spoken. There may be chance in the production, but in the outcome no frame is wasted, no utterance is false, and no ambient sound is unnecessary. Wozek's poetry migrates well from page to screen, exemplifying some of the best effects of aural literacy, that particular wisdom in creating language that acknowledges the value of words written, spoken, and seen, with equal and positive authority. "


D. Edward Davis - composer and electroacoustic musician
"Gerard Wozek has perfected the rare art of catching the reader's breath with each turn of a phrase. Whether it is found on the page or spoken aloud, his poetry speaks with such delicacy and tenderness that one is almost afraid to disturb its low hush. As they breathe life into inanimate objects, his alchemical words illuminate both the world outside as well as the world inside. I feel extremely privileged to be able to merge my work with his in the expanding medium of poetry video. Wozek’s strong speaking voice alone crafts music from his texts; as a collaborator, he makes the task of writing a musical accompaniment laughably simple. "


Raffael de Gruttola - Past President of the Haiku Society of America
"It gives me tremendous pleasure to support the efforts of Gerard Wozek in his e-book of poetry video narratives, "Reunion and other Spoken Word Poems." He has always impressed me as a serious artist who searches for new ways to expand our understanding of haiku and the video arts. I encourage anyone with an imaginative vision to enter into his world. You will come away with many blissful and mind expanding adventures."

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