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view from the balcony of the hotel room at the fabulous four star fiestamericana hotel.

the beds were perfecto.

we swam day and night in the warm pool--chichis and pina coladas in hand.

the jetty from the resort's beachfront.

more hotel vistas.

sunset at the hotel's jetty.

the spiral symbol is embedded in stone paths at the hotel.

a cone of light in the hotel lobby--amazing!

anthony holding on to a guitar-playing angelito.

dolphin statuary at the downtown beachfront.

a merman reaching for the mexican blue sky.

another angel on the beach.

a beachfront cafe just opening for business.

more modern sculpture along the beachfront downtown.

a mythical figure carved in stone near the flea market.

lovely iron balconies near the shopping district.

a stack of festive beaded mexican hats.

old town streetscene.

a mexican banner in the shopping district.

the crowned steeple of the catholic church downtown.

green buses whizz past a building downtown.

delicious candies and mexican treats.

mexican candy.

an angel and wings carved into a shop door.

terra cotta, red-tiled roofs and wrought iron abound.

sip the tequila slowly in the sun.

fabulous sculptures at the downtown beachfront.

the octopus in the blue sky.

a street address in downtown p.v.

more spirals in stone.

climb the hills of the old town and sweat in september's sun.

a colorful mask spotted in a shop window.

sunset from the vista grill.

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