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abra: my soul partner!

the god apollo.

the sphinx.

view of the seine.

bearded beneath a bridge.

genie on a bridge.

abra and the genie.

le poete!

mystical mont st. michel.

the abbey at mont st. michel.

book display in marais.

fountain in beauborg.

my favorite parc on the ile st. louis.

ab at a cafe.


the famous head at st. eustche.

le palais poster.

ab at le palais royal.

gerard at a cafe.

my fountain of love at concorde.

red tiles in the marais.

more cafe campari smiles.

on the bridge overlooking the ile st. louis.

always starbucks.

lorca, my poete.

st. eustche.

iron balconies.

spikes on an iron gate.

in the gallerie

rainbow dreams of the marais.

i still carry the torch for you.

this used to be my playground.

stained glass saint washing feet.

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