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fly over the atlantic to paris.

abra is my soul sister.

of course we still take the metro everywhere.

paris is alive with desire.

abra in the park.

the coffee with cream is a staple for me.

the famous medusa doors in the marais.

the beginning of the magical paris ley lines at notre dame.

my favorite fountain is the medici in the luxembourg gardens.

the queen is enclosed in autumn in the luxembourg gardens.

the famous cathedral.

the mystical rose window of the cathedral.

more of notre dame.

a place to open our journals in st. germain.

just hanging out in front a cafe.

the deco metro stop near st. michel.

my favorite american bookstore in paris.

my brave guardian angel.

island of my heart: st. louis.

and your face becomes burnished with gold.

the winged spirals are gold too.

"sitting in a park in paris, france, reading the news and it sure looks bad . . . that was just a dream some of us had."

the sweetest bird singing to me in the cluny.

the tower rises above the city's pulse.

the lion roars on a door in paris.

the lady over the rounded door smiles with flowing hair.

the geometrics of the arab institute.

the spiral of life turning and turning in paris.

the sundial on the cluny museum.

a bridge in paris.

the glass pyramid at the louvre--power center of the soul.

the angel gabriel and the anunciation.

quai from a boat ride on the seine.

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