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"the perfection of zen
is to be perfectly and simply human"--alan watts

i cross over and court an unhurried contemplation of the garden's beauty.

"for the man who says
he tires of his child
there are no flowers"

in this circular garden i greet the possibility of opening up to another way of viewing my "self"--i find my pace: unhurried, reflective--an essential observer.

"that soon they will die
is unknown
to the chirping cicada"

reflect: to become shelter, to become fortress, harbor, shield, protector . . .

to be in the presence of things that are growing, to still the mind, to be in the presence . .

to become one with that ever positive, ever moving force . .awake!

"the fireflies
fear their reflection
in the water"
--sute jo
the greening of the mind, the possibility of renewal and regeneration . . . growth!

stepping along this path, passing through this garden space, i am more attuned to how i am wandering through my own day to day life . .what is the level of consciousness i bring to my everyday tasks?
what is this wildness that waits in me?

i begin to imagine a simpler life, something pared down to what matters most.

"cry not, insects
for even stars in love
must endure separation"

contemplation, surrender to invisible breath, and return to the structures and routines that wait for me in a place i call my "home" . . . though this garden is always inside of me.

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