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the gold buddha at gumps.

serenity at gumps department store downtown s.f.

a classic cable car headed up powell street.

anthony relaxing at the wharf.

aliotos at the wharf.

fisherman's wharf--the icon.

near pier 33 at fisherman's wharf.

me relaxing at fisherman's wharf.

coit tower in the distance.

entering the literati zone in north beach.

outdoor cafe life at north beach.

caffe roma.

pastry in north beach.

fresh flowers everywhere.


starfish in chinatown.

jars in a chinatown market.

street in chinatown.

chinatown street scene.

gate to chinatown.

cosmopolitan san francisco too.

downtown architecture

the dove of peace at haight ashbury.

janis, jimi and gerry--rock on forever.

the lady whispers on haight.

amoeba for everything musical.

goddess energy on haight street.

victorian charm.

a row of painted ladies near haight street.

view of the castro theatre.

clock in the st. francis hotel lobby.

st. francis hotel survived two earthquakes.

the amazing st. francis hotel.

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